Town and Country Teens launches online jewelry store June + Co.

Three Town and Country teenagers have used quarantine as an opportunity to get creative — and now they’ve opened a digital boutique of dainty, darling jewelry dubbed June + Co.

“At first it was a fun thing to do since we were stuck at home,” says Grace Yost, who operates June + Co. with her two sisters Emma and Norah Yost. “Then it kind of turned into this opportunity for the three of us to use our talents and open it up as a business.”

The company in question opened via Instagram on June 23 and has already resulted in orders from Canada, Washington and California.

“They all just saw our account, I guess, on Instagram,” Grace Yost says. “So it was super cool to see that it started in St. Louis, but people all over the world are finding it.”

Currently, June + Co. has five simple yet sophisticated rings that are crafted with tarnish-resistant 20-gauge gold wire – the Grace ring, which has a multi-wrapped band with a mother-of-pearl stone; the Em, which is a thin gold ring with a small navy blue circular stone; the Jules, which contains three marine stones; the Audrey, which is a stacked ring in hammered gold; and the last, the Birdie, which mimics a gentle ocean wave.

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“We wanted to start with affordable, simple, everyday rings,” says Emma Yost. “We look for a lot of different ideas before we put our own spin on it. … Norah will come to us with a design that she did, and Grace and I will perfect it or try it out before we launch it.

Each ring is made to order by Norah; however, each sister plays a crucial role in June + Co.

“We like to say I’m the COO,” says Grace Yost. “I track orders, pack them and make sure they get shipped. We have a spreadsheet that keeps all of our information organized, and then Emma is in charge of social media and graphic design. And Norah is the ring maker, and she just throws them. … It was so cool because we all got to work together using our different gifts and talents.

The rings are available for purchase by messaging June + Co. via Instagram or emailing the sisters directly at [email protected]


“We never really thought we would get into jewelry,” says Norah Yost. “We’ve always been interested in business and entrepreneurship, and that’s something my dad does, so it was cool to see him work hard for his ideas. So we kind of took that idea and raced it. with her, and we discovered a new love for jewelry. It’s just been fun.

June + Co.,

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