The Loupe brings exclusive luxury jewelry to Minneapolis

Photograph provided by La Loupe

Something special is happening at Magnifying glass. The luxury jewelry boutique quietly emerged as a concept for Jewelers JB Hudsonbut since 2021, he’s found his own fashion-forward path with CEO and creative director Kiki McMillan leader of the now private specialty store. She couples it New York City design prowess with fashion director Dee Hewitt Los Angeles style savvy to bring their industry knowledge and passion to Minneapolis.

A few steps in Martin-Patrick 3 reveals the 400 square foot boutique, which offers a jewelry collection and shopping experience unparalleled in the Midwest. “We focus on brands and artists that are thriving on the coasts, but haven’t had a lot of exposure here yet,” McMillan says. Even from the initial conception, the duo knew they wanted to showcase designers with artisanal appeal. “It created a perfect partnership with Martin Patrick 3,” adds Hewitt.

Art of living |  Inside The Loupe's Exclusive Luxury Jewelry Collection

Magnifying glass collectionwhich currently presents 18 creators, is a well-rounded and thoughtful, yet dynamic curation – consistently delivering the most contemporary designs on the market. The story behind each piece, be it craftsmanship, technique or inspiration, is what sets The Loupe apart. “Storytelling is in our DNA,” Hewitt punctuates, noting the team’s editorial approach to merchandising. They go beyond trends, bringing a fashion editor’s eye to fine jewelry.

For McMillan, it’s not just about customers making a purchase. “It’s about going beyond what’s beautiful and understanding the selection of that particular piece,” she says. Tastemakers and trendsetters can purchase The Loupe in several ways, the last being by private appointment. New this year is a dedicated space in the colonial warehouse building, just above the boutique, where individual shopping experiences encourage a special connection with the collection. Whether it’s a one-on-one date in style or an elegant afternoon with friends, guests can expect service as luxurious as the gems themselves.

Art of living |  Inside The Loupe's Exclusive Luxury Jewelry Collection

Ah yes, gemstones – think multicolored emerald and sapphire, decadent opal and bold tourmaline for fall. McMillan and Hewitt are generally a little calmer with the color, but they say it’s unmistakable the deep, rich hues of fall, made contemporary by a unique shape and scale. Large rings are back in vogue, ranging from one stone to multiple stones, and layered bracelets continue to be in style, but with a twist, like combining bracelets and cuffs for ultra personalized arm candies and high contrast. Plus, the team is excited to welcome new hoop earrings from the designer. Nancy Newbergwho is known for creatively incorporating diamonds and stones into mixed metals.

“We view jewelry as wearable art,” Hewitt shares. She points to the creations of designers like Kimberly Mcdonald, Irene Neuwirth and Silvia Fourmanovitchwho bring a bit of the unexpected to Minneapolis from New York, Los Angeles and Sao Paulo, respectively. It’s a sharp reminder that exceptional jewelry knows no bounds – a story The Loupe will continue to tell for years to come.

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