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There’s something about watching Instagram videos of jewelers at work, especially when they’re melting gold in liquid. The way this precious metal is moving right now is one of the many things about jewelry that inspires designer Rose Costolo.

Costolo may be new to the industry, but she’s already shown some skill in creating standout silhouettes. With her new brand, Costolo, the designer says she wants to take what nature has created, be it gold, diamonds or other luxurious materials, and expand them to their full potential.

She takes her clients on this journey, introducing them to what she calls “portable sculptures” of metal and precious stones. Some might call it a dopamine band-aid or wearing things that make you feel good when you put them on and when you get positive feedback from people as a result.

For example, there are the rounded textures and uneven layers of her Serotonin ring, the movement on the wearer’s ear with her Liquid Gold earrings, and the strong, solid lines of her Dopamine pendants.

Costolo solar system pendant light
Bring on the gems with Costolo’s Solar System necklace, which features 14k yellow gold with natural white diamonds. The highlight of the show is a brilliant 1 ct. Oval Center in Natural Yellow Oval Diamond ($10,500).

For Costolo, dopamine translates into joy and serotonin means well-being – all the things this young designer says are guiding themes in her work.

“My designs all come from the elements of nature and the atomic structures of the precious materials I work with,” Costolo explains. “Everything I create is meant to make you [do a] double take when you see it, prioritizing modern originality and treating jewelry like wearable sculptures.

Costolo has worked exclusively on her jewelry designs for the past two years, completing a sort of apprenticeship after graduating in 2020 from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor with her new family at Angel City Jewelers in Los Angeles, where his brand is based. Costolo is also a GIA certified jewelry professional.

Costolo ring
You’ll feel as good as you look with the 0.55 ct 14k Yellow Gold Serotonin Ring. two lab-grown diamonds, which Costolo calls his “impossible diamonds” ($2,100).

The brand launched its website at the end of June and the models are already selling out, says Costolo. This proof of concept comes from her chops as a jeweler as well as her ability to understand social media. It’s something she knows better than most new designers, given that her father is Dick Costolothe former CEO of Twitter.

“I love Instagram as a visual storytelling platform for my brand. The opportunity to grab a client’s attention with my visual feed is super exciting in this line of work because jewelry is obviously a such visual art,” says Costolo. “The way diamonds and gold play in the light is a beautiful phenomenon in photography and translates so interestingly on social media. I try to make the company Instagram really exciting and modern. It’s luxury, but that doesn’t mean it has to be stuffy.

In the short term, Costolo says it plans to stick with the direct-to-consumer model rather than a brick-and-mortar model, though that’s in the future of its brand. She also wants to focus on sustainability and continue to donate a portion of every sale to her favorite nonprofit, the Diamond Development Initiative.

Costolo liquid gold earrings
There’s a flow of movement in Costolo’s Liquid Gold earrings, which are crafted in 14k yellow gold ($2,100).

“I like the ability to make everything to order in small batches because it avoids waste and excess materials,” Costolo says. “I think in the future it would be cool to have a private showroom with a secret place where customers could come and submit custom orders and try on pieces.”

Over the next five years, Costolo dreams of driving his brand’s investment in technology and taking his vision even further.

“I see us as a pivotal company for sustainable luxury, selling on premium e-commerce platforms and innovating the industry at every level,” Costolo says. “I want to have in-house lab-grown diamond manufacturing and revolutionize fitting technology for online jewelry shopping. I see myself and Costolo bringing new technology into the world of luxury jewelry manufacturing whenever possible. .

Above: As a rising designer, Rose Costolo hopes to launch her new jewelry brand internationally, adding her take on gold, metal properties and high tech (photos courtesy of Costolo).

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