Monson resident launches new artisan jewelry store

MONSON — New Monson resident Rachel Berthiaume recently launched her business Rachel’s Trinkets, all of which feature handmade polymer clay items. Berthiaume makes earrings, bracelets and necklaces directly from her home. Her collections examine how bold and unique color patterns can be transformed into wearable treasures.

“I try to think outside the box,” Berthiaume said. “I love creating shapes, patterns and adding texture. It’s not something simple or flat – adding texture really makes your product pop and surface. I put time, thought and love in my jewelry.

Her unique “Alice” earrings are made from a cane she created using oranges, blacks and teals mixed with silver flakes. Another of his collections is the “Fairyland Collection”. She has created earrings and bracelets using colors, textures and patterns inspired by forests, springs and enchantment, her website Remarks.

Berthiaume started his clay jewelry two and a half years ago but launched his business this year. She and her family moved to Monson last summer and immediately fell in love with the town, she said. Prior to starting her business, Berthiaume worked in retail for 11 years as an appliance salesperson at Lowe’s. She told Reminder Publishing that it was a “big change” working all these years to now become a stay-at-home mom. She said she needed something different to occupy herself and fulfill her desire to work.

“I had never seen polymer clay objects before being a stay-at-home mother. Berthiaume replied. “During my son’s naps, I watched a lot of people making jewelry and since I no longer had a job , I wanted to enjoy my time. I studied and watched a lot of techniques, so I decided to try and I really enjoyed it. It was very relaxing to do it.

When she started, Berthiamue admitted that she didn’t really see the potential in her products until she started hearing positive feedback from others at the craft fair. She went to her first craft fair at Quaboag Regional Middle High School in Warren and said she was amazed at how much people enjoyed seeing her making polymer clay jewelry. She said people who stopped by her booth noted their excitement because polymer clay jewelry “has been gone for a long time” and enjoyed seeing these materials used in her products.

“It was really nice to hear,” she said. “They appreciated the patterns, the different textures and techniques that I use in my articles. It does you good to know that people like your work and I am happy to continue all my work.

Berthiaume has a few new collections coming out for spring. She worked on floral designs and new pieces of cute animals, like kittens, owls and even snakes.

In the future, Berthiaume said she plans to open a business in town, but for now she’s mostly focused on her website and attending local craft fairs. Berthiaume will be at the Antrim in Ludlow on June 5 and at Westview Farms and Creamery in Monson for the Carol Rivest Memorial Foundation on June 11.

“I love reading people’s comments on my product,” replied Berthiaume. “I didn’t see the potential. I was just doing it for the fun of showing my family members the things I did.

She continued, “Reading the good things people are saying about my business really makes me want to think outside the box and try something different – ​​to continue my journey and my clay making.”

Customers can purchase items from Berthiaume is also on Facebook @RachelsTrinkets2022.

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