Maven of luxury jewelry, Sade Adesoye at 60

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It is said that gold and other shiny objects are a woman’s best friend. What about the lady who gives access to these friends? This is why Otunba Folasade Adunni Adesoye, the Yeye Otunba Gbaderogun of Ijebu, is so popular among Nigerian women. Even after turning 60 a few days ago, her sparkling reputation hasn’t faded, nor has her attractive attitude.

There is a category of women in Nigeria whose names are written in gold letters. Adesoye is one of those women for the most obvious reason that she is a top seller of all jewelry. His style-appropriate jewelry business has been making waves since coming to the fore in the industry as a registered company in 2007.

It was in 2007 that many Nigerians got to know the young lady. In truth, she had been in the business of selling jewelry for two decades before. This resulted in his mastery of the craft, which is something rare. Even so, her flamboyant lead has left every person who knows her truly spellbound.

Many times comparisons have been made between Adesoye and other bright and powerful women like oil and gas tycoon, Hajia Bola Shagaya. The similarity comes from the timeless charm they exude. With Adesoye, you get that unparalleled charm with humility that begs the question: is she really as rich as the papers claim? And the answer is a resounding yes.

But Adesoye is not like the rich people most people know: people who thumb their noses at others and throw a tantrum when someone with a smaller reserve of funds looks at them from the sidelines.

In total, at 60, Otunba Adesoye shines with the same brilliance as her jewelry.

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