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The loss of a pet can be a source of grief and grief for pet owners. And it’s understandable – our pets are part of the family.

While nothing compares to our memories of our beloved lost pets, a company has found a way to keep your pet safe in a truly beautiful and unique way. The Etereva jewelry company can take your loved one’s ashes or hair and turn it into a diamond.

Yes, you read that right.

In an effort to bring luminosity and meaning to the loss of a pet, the society suggests we shouldn’t have to move on – but rather move on. with their.

A bit fascinating, right?

Pet mother Heather Emerson tried the service herself when she wanted to celebrate and include her recently deceased dog, Bear Bear, in her upcoming wedding. Etereva transformed her ashes into a beautiful one-of-a-kind blue diamond for Emerson’s “something blue”.

To ward off bad energy, she even had the diamond design personalized as part of a Turkish evil eye pendant and inscribed “to protect you” as a reminder of Bear Bear’s protective personality.

Jewelry company Etereva offers a beautiful way to remember your pet
Heather Emerson

“I love knowing that she is still close to my heart and even though she left this earth, she was able to be at my wedding with me,” Emerson told The Dodo. “She was my protector and my best friend for 13.5 years, and I think she only left because when she met my husband, she knew I would be fine. She had been battling cancer for several months before, so I have so much peace knowing she’s with me and I can wear her around my neck every day.”

Keep in mind that you cannot make a diamond overnight. The process is long and takes on average 10 to 12 months. But, after subjecting just 2 tablespoons to half a cup of ash or hair, pet owners can choose every detail of their diamond, its color and its shape to the setting of the jewelry in which it is placed.

The cost isn’t cheap (it’s a diamond after all) – the starting price is $2,999 depending on the carat and color you choose.

At the end of the day, whether you decide to commemorate your pet by creating jewelry out of their hair or ashes, planting a tree in their honor, or simply looking at pictures of them whenever you need, there’s no wrong way to cry. .

Our memories are never more precious than when it comes to remembering our beloved pets. And how you choose to honor their lives will always be special, no matter how you decide to do it.

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